If we don’t contrapose…

Our about page reads: We’ve noticed that much of the sustainability/green/environmental community likes to reason in only one direction: (1) If we’re going to maintain the current economy (p), then we’ll need alternative fuels that meet current energy needs (q). But why not contrapose? (2) If we can’t get alternative fuels to meet current energy … Continue Reading

the limits of fashion (part 2)

This is the follow-up to “The Limits of Fashion (Part 1)”, where I argued that “minimalism” needs to be guided by a conception of a life worth aiming at.  Since a good human life includes participation in social and cultural goods, a proper minimalist life shouldn’t require self-exile.  Nonetheless, we ought to do what we … Continue Reading

Nine Pitfalls of Alternative Energy

As gas prices remain high and climate chaos becomes ever more apparent, people and institutions are right to argue ever more insistently for a shift to alternative energy sources that are likely to be available for the long haul and that are less harmful to our environment. However, these options are unlikely to deliver what … Continue Reading

the limits of fashion (part 1)

Three weeks is a long time in the blogging world, but I hope it’s not too late to address some of the ideas broached in John Michael Greer’s post “A Fashion for Austerity”, and some of the comments left there.  Greer, among others, is raising the idea that intervention in culture is just as important … Continue Reading

Future Transportation Options

I’d like to explore a bit about the future of transportation. Our transportation system uses oil. Or maybe it’s better to say it is oil. Currently we get over 95% of the energy used for transportation of all kinds from oil. This is going to have to change. What are our options? Just as a … Continue Reading

The Limits of Alternative Energy

Recently Talking Points Memo had a gallery of “green tech” under the heading “Gas Prices Blues? Feast your eyes on the open vistas of clean, green alternative energy sources.” Sure, why not. And with gas prices where they are, it’s not surprising to hear calls to go after speculators or Exxon. There’s no reason not … Continue Reading

In the beginning…