environmentalists’ fallacies

  I’ve read some good things in Orion, but this essay by “bright green” environmentalists Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus wasn’t one of them.  Looking over the readers’ comments, I see I’m not the only one to be disappointed (“This was by far the worst article I have read in Orion yet.”)  But although this … Continue Reading

Daly’s Steady-State Economics

I finally sat down and reread Daly’s classic book Steady-State Economics, which I think is worth discussing in light of today’s situation.  In this post I’d like to begin to review Daly’s ideas (which were ahead of their time—the first edition was written in 1977). His ideas are deep and simple at the same time, … Continue Reading

The End of Economic Growth

We’re at the end of growth. Growth of the economy, of consumption, of wealth. That this would happen isn’t news to those who’ve followed the writings of Meadows, Heinberg, and many others.  What’s different now is that it may have actually arrived. I’d like to briefly look at our current situation in this context and … Continue Reading