some garden progress

Not much, but I’m getting things done.  This is what my back patio/yard looked like when I moved in:

And this is what it looks like now:



There’s quite a bit of clutter to get rid of, and I still need to arrange containers better and sow some of the small beds, but I’m happy with the progress.  Those black-and-yellow bins in the back left are my vermicompost setup, and the new green bits in front of the jade are volunteer nasturtiums.  For the summer I’m thinking about planting some climbers against the western fence, and I’ve got some beans sowed there now as a test.

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  1. Adam, I am not clear is that an apartment strip. I ask because the one thing yo may also consider is divert your roof water with a water barrel at the down spout. Summer squash and Zuch will grow well in the area that gets the majority of shade. You can get a lot of peas and pole beans nearest the fence.

  2. Hi Steven – It’s a small patch behind half of a duplex, about 150 sq ft maybe. I do plan to catch rain—and am already sort of doing so where the rain filters through the worm bin—but during most of the year it’s pretty dry here in San Diego. Peas against the fence are another planned addition. I’ll post another photo soon to show the garden’s current state; plants have begun coming in but I haven’t done a whole lot of work lately. Thanks for the tips!