A Conversation with Herman Daly

We are grateful to Herman Daly for chatting with us on a range of topics from ecology to economics, policy to politics, relocalization to religion.  He is Emeritus Professor at the University of Maryland School of Public Policy, pioneered work on Steady-State and Ecological Economics, and has received more accolades and written more books than … Continue Reading

A Time When There Was Still Time

I recently spent a little time in a university library, perusing the collection. As always I lingered the most in the sections on environment and ecology and related sections on ecological economics and sustainability. There I encountered, as usual, shelf after shelf of sincerely reasoned, passionately argued works—thousands of books in total—describing in every detail … Continue Reading

The Clean Energy Dividend

We need climate policy above and beyond individual action; that much seems indisputable given the scope of the challenge.  However the usual approaches are a bit wanting.  The most common two proposals to appropriately account for the cost of carbon (currently treated as an externality) are Cap and Trade and Carbon Taxes. Both aim to … Continue Reading

Reversalism and Hedging Strategies

It seems there are many camps when it comes to our energy future. Some don’t think there’s a problem. Some think we’ll not only solve our problems, but produce even more energy more cleanly. Some think we’re doomed and have no chance of anything other than catastrophe. Some think we’re in for a long, slow … Continue Reading


Sometimes the simplest concepts are the most powerful. In a more volatile world, one brought on by the converging challenges of energy, environment, and society, one such concept might be of a lot of use: buffers. To buffer is “to lessen or moderate the impact” of something. That’s just what we need—volatility itself can be … Continue Reading