Horse Equivalents

What if we visualized cars with horses in front of them? We’ve gotten used to thinking about engines in terms of horsepower, but rarely step back to consider what that unit of power means: a rough equivalent in horses. Consider the Geo Metro. It was one of the smallest cars available on the U.S. market … Continue Reading

Some Fruit Trees

Last fall I set up a sheet mulch (for family) to try to convert some grass to decent soil for planting. It’s really amazing to see how well it worked: the earthworms, pillbugs, and the rest have eaten through the cardboard so thoroughly that there isn’t any trace of it left, and the soil is … Continue Reading

50% Perspiration

A year ago Adam and I decided that we wanted to start putting some thoughts down about the environment, energy, and our relationship with the world. We’ve mused about a lot of things and it’s been fun, but I’m reminded of Edison’s quote about perspiration, and that plus the urgent need to actually make change … Continue Reading