Trees, 2015

This year my tree planting count is a bit complicated. Just like last year, I have a list (below) of trees I planted, working towards paying down my tree debt.

But this year I’ve also been doing two other things: 1) growing and distributing fruit trees (and shrubs/vines) for others and 2) direct-planting seeds of certain fruits (in particular Avocado and White Sapote). I’ve grown about (a rough guess) 500 potted fruit trees / shrubs / vines that others (hopefully) have now planted someplace. And have direct seeded about 300 seeds, among which I hope about half germinate and about half of those survive, for a net of about 75 trees. (I will follow up and see how many actually make it.) I’m not sure how to count these, so for now I won’t include them and will only count them when I know they are alive and are likely to survive for the long run.

The direct planted fruit seeds aren’t guaranteed to produce great fruit. In fact, especially with Avocado, they’re likely not to produce particularly good fruit. White Sapotes are a bit more likely to produce decent fruit from seed — apparently something like half of seedling trees produce decent fruit. Part of my hope is that in planting lots of seeds I’ll get lucky with a new variety that happens to be really good. But even if that doesn’t happen, the trees will still do all the good things trees do.

  1. White Sapote seedling (replaces vandalized redwood)
  2. Avocado seedling (replaces vandalized avocado)
  3. Fig (replaces diseased avocado)
  4. Nettie White Sapote (replaces capulin cherry)
  5. Nettie White Sapote (replaces kona sharwil avocado)
  6. Multi-grafted stone fruit (peach, nectarine, plum, apricot)
  7. Fuyu Persimmon
  8. Parfianka Pomegranate
  9. Lamb Hass Avocado
  10. Mexicola Avocado
  11. Dragonfruit
  12. Black Jack Fig
  13. Mammoth Pineapple Guava
  14. Cherry
  15. Walton White Sapote
  16. Vernon White Sapote
  17. Keitt/Lemon Zest Mango
  18. Solo Papaya
  19. White Malaysian Guava
  20. Cara Cara Navel Orange
  21. Gold Nugget Mandarin
  22. Janice Kadota Fig
  23. Multi-grafted Mango

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