Revisiting the DOM index

A few months ago, I discussed an idea that Adam and I have been contemplating for a little while now—the DOM index. Our objective was to create a metric or set of metrics that capture well being in a way that isn’t blind to ecological limits or human needs, and one that is updated daily. … Continue Reading

The DOM index

There’s no better evidence that the stock market has no connection to the lives of Americans than the fact that the Dow has been tanking of late.  As of the close on 9/9/11 it’s down about 14% over  2 months.  But in that time it’s gone down, then up, and down, and down some more, … Continue Reading

meaninglessness, absurdity, and the very idea of a sustainability metric

There is this TED talk going around, in which the idea of a sustainability metric gets some fire.  I thought of course of the DOM, although that’s a slightly different idea, and which I’ll come back to in a bit.  But first I want to address the talk itself, which both Grist and the Atlantic … Continue Reading

Towards a better measure of everything

Can there be a good single metric that can measure everything we care about—the things that make human life good? Probably not. But maybe we can try for less bad. Right now the metrics we use are bad. I think there’s little general recognition of the fact that the Dow Jones Industrial Average is reported … Continue Reading