Observations and Questions

For some time I’ve been accumulating observations and questions on a variety of topics but have felt the need to have, for the former, deep analysis, and for the latter, answers. I don’t have much in the way of either, but I’d like to share them nevertheless. Cause and Effect. Is technological progress driving prosperity, … Continue Reading

Free Energy Does Not Occur in Nature

[F]ree energy does not occur in nature… There’s one thing about that Orlov quote that has struck me over the years: how it applies more broadly than he originally meant it. It’s not just that what we generally think of as free energy doesn’t occur in nature, but also that free energy does occur in … Continue Reading

Invisible waste (part 1): water

Environmentally aware individuals are perpetually bombarded by the worst sort of false choice, one that’s been drilled into us even by environmental activist organizations. You know the sort of false choice – the one where, as Adam points out, a big corporation will sponsor a wing of the local museum or aquarium and include a … Continue Reading