Changing Terminology

This is a short post, but it’s one I’ve been thinking about for a while. Lately I’ve succumbed to the trend of labeling certain gardening and landscape-design practices as being permaculture or permaculture-like, and I realized that a) the term isn’t particularly descriptive and b) there is a certain quality to the permaculture community that … Continue Reading

the planet you can save, maybe

Recently Barath wrote to me: Peter Singer’s ‘The Life You Can Save’ argument came to mind listening to last weeks’ C-Realm episode.  This was the question of whether we each have an obligation to do as much as we can to save the lives of others and if so (a) why limit it to just … Continue Reading

Observations and Questions

For some time I’ve been accumulating observations and questions on a variety of topics but have felt the need to have, for the former, deep analysis, and for the latter, answers. I don’t have much in the way of either, but I’d like to share them nevertheless. Cause and Effect. Is technological progress driving prosperity, … Continue Reading

Go Directly to Defeatism, Do Not Stop at Responses

About a year ago I mentioned that it seemed likely that in the next few years we’d see a transition from climate denial to climate defeatism or worse climate engineering: I imagine that a number of those who previously denied that climate change was a problem will quickly shift to “it’s too late to do … Continue Reading

Geoengineering vs. Terraforming

After listening to this recent Radio Ecoshock episode on geoengineering, which covered the unsurprising and yet still horrifying plans afoot to attempt to mask climate change through increasingly desperate means, I realized that the very distinction between geoengineering and terraforming I had been looking for was right there in front of me: in the words … Continue Reading

Economy << Ecosystem

Today it hit me that the model of the economy and the ecosystem in ecological economics is more right than I had previously understood. The work of Herman Daly and others made sense before today, with its key premise that the human economy is a subset of the ecosystem. This is something neoclassical economists, not … Continue Reading