Some Fruit Trees

Last fall I set up a sheet mulch (for family) to try to convert some grass to decent soil for planting. It’s really amazing to see how well it worked: the earthworms, pillbugs, and the rest have eaten through the cardboard so thoroughly that there isn’t any trace of it left, and the soil is … Continue Reading

some garden progress

Not much, but I’m getting things done.  This is what my back patio/yard looked like when I moved in: And this is what it looks like now:     There’s quite a bit of clutter to get rid of, and I still need to arrange containers better and sow some of the small beds, but … Continue Reading

top brassica

Collards are my favorite green leafy vegetable to grow.  They’re adaptable to many temperate climates, they’re slow to bolt, they don’t wilt easily, and once they get to a good size you can harvest leaves over the course of a season without killing the plant itself. Plus they’re extremely forgiving in the kitchen.  Unlike the … Continue Reading

A Sheet Mulch