Trees, 2015

This year my tree planting count is a bit complicated. Just like last year, I have a list (below) of trees I planted, working towards paying down my tree debt. But this year I’ve also been doing two other things: 1) growing and distributing fruit trees (and shrubs/vines) for others and 2) direct-planting seeds of … Continue Reading

400 and 76000

Three years ago I was wondering in a post about what it might take for society to take notice of peak oil and climate change. I thought maybe a “shock” of some sort, especially associated with physical phenomena, might do the trick. In that post I looked at three events that I thought would happen … Continue Reading

Trees, 2014

As I did last year, I’d like to catalog what trees I managed to plant this year (the ones marked as 0 replaced trees that died or had to be removed): Mammoth Pineapple Guava (replaces diseased Lemon) Fuerte Avocado (replaces mutant Lemon) Parfianka Pomegranate (replaces dead Queen Avocado) Parfianka Pomegranate (replaces dead Grapefruit) Ambrosia Pomegranate … Continue Reading

4 arguments for deliberate descent, part 1: prudential

‘Deliberate descent’ is the name I’m going to use for the whole family of ideas that includes “downshifting,” “decivilization,” “uncivilization,” “sustainable” living, “deindustrialization,” etc., plus the variety of particular proposals for doing so, such as John Michael Greer’s Green Wizardry, Sharon Astyk’s Adapting in Place, and Rob Hopkins’s Transition movement.  All of these ideas focus … Continue Reading

a brief history of Dutch bicycle paths

Thanks to Catarina Dutilh Novaes at NewAPPS, I saw a nice short film about the recent history of cycling and cycle paths in the Netherlands.  As she puts it: As so many other countries, after WWII the Netherlands went through an economic boom, which among other things meant many more cars and the accompanying need … Continue Reading

environmentalists’ fallacies

  I’ve read some good things in Orion, but this essay by “bright green” environmentalists Michael Shellenberger and Ted Nordhaus wasn’t one of them.  Looking over the readers’ comments, I see I’m not the only one to be disappointed (“This was by far the worst article I have read in Orion yet.”)  But although this … Continue Reading

networking appropriate tech (part 1)

So suppose that, for a variety of reasons laid out here and elsewhere, we’re looking at a low-energy future.  And suppose that we want to avoid the fallacy that Sharon Astyk calls the Klingon/Cylon dilemma, or what John Michael Greer calls the narrative of apocalypse.  What do we do?  That is, what’s a productive way … Continue Reading

extended mind activism

A thought experiment: Two people each want to get to the Museum of Modern Art.  Inga consults her memory, remembers the address, and makes her way to the museum.  Otto, whose memory is slipping, consults his iPhone for the address, and makes his way to the museum.  On account of his memory loss, Otto relies … Continue Reading